Publications in Internationally Reviewed Journals
  • Can Fiscal Equalisation Mitigate Tax Competition? Ad Valorem, Residence-Based Taxation in a Federation.
    International Tax and Public Finance, 24 (5): 817–853 (2017). [Link]
  • Networked Innovation and Coalition Formation: The Effect of Group-Based Social Preferences (with Tom Dedeurwaerdere and Paolo Melindi-Ghidi).
    Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 27 (7): 577-593 (2018). [Link]
Work in Progress
  • Who Sent You? Extreme Voting and Strategic Delegation in a Federation (with Amedeo Piolatto and Gianmarco Daniele). [PDF][Link]
  • Starting From Scratch: A New Approach to Subnational Public Finance (with David Bell). [PDF][Link]
  • Institutions in the Fast Lane: Strike Petitions and the Electoral Cycle in Mexico (with Hector Gutiérrez-Rufrancos). [PDF]
  • Devolving the Productivity Puzzle: Tax Autonomy and Political Incentives. [PDF]
  • Do Politicians Discriminate Against Scientists? Theory and Experimental Evidence on Information Sharing (with Ekkehard Köhler).
  • No Taxation Without Decentralisation? Tax Autonomy and Vertical Yardstick Competition (with Susana Peralta).
  • Attitudes Towards Redistribution and Fiscal Austerity (with Sarah Brown, Alberto Montagnoli and Mirko Moro).
  • Invest-As-You-Go: Public Health Investment, Compression of Morbidity and Long Term Care (with Paolo Melindi-Ghidi).
  • The Role of Fiscal Interest in Local Policy: Evidence from a Tax Base Reform (with Sander Ramboer).
Publications in Belgian Journals (Selected)
  • Het Nut van Dotaties in Gelaagde Staatsvormen: een Vergelijking van Vereveningsmechanismen. (“The Aim of Federal Grants: a Cross-Country Analysis of Equalisation Mechanisms”, with André Decoster).
    Belgisch Tijdschrift voor Sociale Zekerheid, 57 (3), 561-595 (2015). [PDF]
  • De Economische Theorie van het Federalisme: Was de 6de Staatshervorming een Schot in de Roos? (“Fiscal Federalism: Did the Belgian 6th Institutional Reform Hit the Mark?”, with André Decoster).
    Tijdschrift voor Bank- en Financiewezen (2), 151-157 (2015). [PDF]
Policy Reports (Selected)
  • Interregionale financiële stromen in België van 2000 tot 2020. (“Interregional Fiscal Flows in Belgium from 2000 until 2020”, with André Decoster). Department of Economics, KU Leuven (2017)[PDF] [Reflectienota]
  • De Nieuwe Bijzondere Financieringswet van de 6de Staatshervorming: Werden de Beloften Ingelost? (“The New Financing Law of the Belgian 6th Institutional Reform: Were All Promises Kept?”, with André Decoster). Flemosi Discussion Paper Series (28), Department of Economics, KU Leuven (2013). [PDF]